This project was a custom form solution which had special requirements. Essar needed approximately 40 forms building, each with different questions, notes, separators etc. in 3 sections. The forms were in heavy use across the business (hundreds of submissions) and the possibility of the questions changing was high. The answers were all Yes/No with a comment required on answering No. Further requirements were a percentage complete score and a dashboard highlighting form completion across departments.

I used the CSOM to build a multi-list solution and added a UI for ease of use for the admins. A ‘Form Base’ list held the basic details for each form such as name, notes, references etc. On completing a form base the app automatically builds the blank question list (with content type applied) and the list for the bank of completed forms. The user can then go to a page and select a button to fill in one of the forms and the code pulls the form base and the questions into a user friendly list. The admins are able to use a simple admin GUI to add/remove questions, view the forms and a dashboard which automatically updates.

A few pictures…

The end user interface – on adding a new form base and publishing it the form will appear here to the user


The top of a form pulling in the form base


Further along the form – pulling in questions from the relevant list, highlighting negative responses and allowing comments




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